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Americans Believe Iraelis And Palestinians Can Live In Peace


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Tags: Foreign Relations

From Rasmussen Reports

  • 52% Believe Israelis and Palestinians Can Live In Peace
  • 12% say Obama is Very Likely to help bring the two sides together
  • 32% say it is not possible for Israelis and Palestinians to coexist peacefully

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

Ever since the formation of Israel, there has always been a constant struggle between land ownership in the area between the Israelis and Palestinians. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports telephone survey, though, 52% believe these two fighting sects can live in peace. What?

Obviously, those polled do not entirely know the history between these two groups. They have historically hated each other, and to this author, it might take a small miracle for these two to live harmoniously. This situation can be compared to the proverbial Hatfield and McCoy rivalry.

The only solution to this problem is for Isreal to acknowledge the existence of Palestine and to let them have the land that they deserve.

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