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Americans Fearful Of Political Dynasties


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Tags: General, Political Issues

From Rasmussen Reports

  • 47% Worry About Dynasty Politics
  • Twenty-two percent (22%) say they are Very Worried about this trend, although 13% say they are not at all worried in a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey
  • Over half of male voters (51%) are worried about several generations of a family's members in very senior government roles, with 26% Very Worried. Forty-three percent (43%) of female voters also are concerned, although just 18% are Very Worried.

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

In a recent poll conducted by Rasmussen, Americans seem fearful of a political dynasty developing in our current government. With Caroline Kennedy to be the next potential New York junior Senator, with Jeb Bush to potentially run for his state's Senate seat in 2010, and with Hillary Clinton to be the next Secretary of State, many believe this is a bad trend developing.

According to this author, this is all baloney. Political families are already in government now and do not necessarily influence great change. We have a balance of power set up, so if any one side becomes too dominant they get 'checked'.

As for the Clinton family, why is there such a fear? Bill and Hillary are two different people, and though they share similar ideology, they are not the same person (the same goes for George W. and Jeb Bush). People need to relax and need to look at the real issues affecting this country.

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