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Americans Feel Global Warming Is Exaggerated


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Tags: Global Warming

From Gallup (conducted: 3/5-8/09)

  • 41% feel it has been exaggerated
  • 57% feel it has been correctly or underestimated
  • Republicans feel that global warming is exaggerated by at a 66% clip, while Democrats feel the same at a 20% clip.

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

Global warming has recently been considered an 'exaggerated' topic, as evidenced by a new Gallup study that found 41% feel that the media has been blowing this topic out of proportion (this has been the highest since Gallup has been doing this yearly poll).

As a scientist, this author is confused at these polling numbers. How can one deny the fact that the increased amount of chemicals we release into the atmosphere in the air daily affects the chemistry of our environment? In fact, Cholorofluorocarbons (CFC's) has been the leading culprit in ozone depletion as Nobel-Prize winning scientist Sherwood Roland has stated.

The amount of crap (gases) we put into the air has modified our weather in a term called 'greenhouse warming'. Light rays from the Sun get trapped into our atmosphere by these gases and stay longer, thus heating up our planet. This warming has been shown to directly corrolate with our advancements, especially since the industrial revolution.

This is not a political issue, but a scientific one. Republicans need to wake up and realize that our Earth is slowly dying because of our actions. They need to stop listening to their misinformed leaders and face the facts.

One can choose to believe in global warming or not, but that does not exclude them from the inevitable truth.

At one point, people also thought the world was flat.

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