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Americans OK With Gay Unions But Not Marriages


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Tags: Gay Marriage

From Newsweek

  • 55% feel that we should have legally sanctioned gay unions and partnerships but by the same percentage think that we should not have legally sanctioned marriages.
  • The majority of Americans still feel that gay unions should have the following: social security benefits (67%), health insurance and other employee benefits (73%), hospital visitation rights (86%), and adoption rights (53%).
  • Other than not allowing for gay marriages, an overwhelming percentage of voters believe in equal rights for gays. For example, 87% want equal rights in terms of job opportunities.

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

The critics of gay marriage will often cite the fact that homosexuality is unnatural as a reason for denying marriage. They will also, at times, go on further to explain where does the definition of marriage end. Can a man marry a dog? Can a man marry his sister or mother? And do so exclusively for the health care benefits, etc...

The supporters of gay marriage are along the mode of "let folks do what they want". Also supporters feel that it is discrimination not to allow homosexuals the same rights as straight.

But then the critics will say they are for the same rights. As is well evidenced by this poll. A two-thirds or better percentage of voters are for social security benefits, health insurance benefits, and employee benefits. They just don't want gays to marry.

The institution and sacredness of marriage is definitely an important issue for many of these voters.

But what harm will be caused if homosexuals are given the right to marry? I would wish that was in a poll. Because how can you be for 99% of the rights for an individual and not be expected to justify the remaining 1%.

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