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Credit Card Debt Increases For Americans


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Tags: Economy

From Rasmussen Reports

  • 21% Say They Have More Credit Card Debt Than A Year Ago
  • 11% say their credit limit on one or more cards has been reduced in the past 12 months.
  • One-third of Americans (33%) say they have less credit card debt than a year ago, and 43% say their debt level is about the same

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

Americans love credit cards. The problem is, credit cards cost money (in the sense that people end up paying more for things than they should due to finance charges and the sort). We, as a country have been so reliant on credit cards that many of us never get a chance to recover and escape the downward spiral of credit, consumer debt.

In responsible financing, credit cards should only be used when one knows that one is able to pay off the balance at the end of the month. Credit should only be used in emergency situations and in big purchases (ie. buying a house, car, etc). Credit cards should not be used to buy everyday things,lest debt starts to accumulate and the pattern will repeat continously.

Credit card companies should be more responsible in lending credit to consumers likewise. But, the ultimate responsibility lies in the consumer. We all have to be resonsible about money and money management and not blame anybody else about financial problems except ourselves.

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