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Low Percentage Of Voters Believe US Government Will Do A Better Job


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Tags: Economy, Auto Bailout

From Rasmussen Reports

  • Just 14% Say Federal Government Will Run Big Three Better
  • Just eight percent (8%) of investors believe the federal government will run the companies better, compared to 21% of non-investors.
  • Seventy-one percent (71%) of men do not think the government will run the auto companies better versus 63% of women.

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

Americans still do not trust the US government to run any sort of business. It is perhaps due to the fear that such a governing body would saturate the industry with bureaucracy that has lead to this sort of thinking. With the potential of the Bush administration bailing out the 3 big automakers in the future, we are now entering the dawn of a new sort of capitalism/socialism era.

These latest polls show, though, that Americans are fearful that this will eventually lead us into the slippery slope of socialism. Government control of business is not entirely bad, but it should have a limit. If we do not set limits as to whether a certain company should or should not be saved, where will it stop? Will any failing business be eligible for a government parachute?

With all this talk of saving business, what about the common person? It seems like the government is so concerned about saving businesses that it has forgotten what makes this country so great. Where is the bailout of the comman man/woman? These polls suggests that bailing out companies is not the best scenario and that the US government will probably run such companies the same, if not worse. In all, there is little confidence in the federal government by its constituents.

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