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Number Who Think US Heading In The Right Track Increases


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Tags: General

From Rasmussen (conducted: 3/23-29/09)

  • 36% believe the US is heading in the right direction
  • 57% believe the US is heading in the wrong direction
  • 7% have no comment or unsure

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

The wave of change that President Obama promised during his campaign is taking shape as more and more Americans are feeling that the country is finally heading in the right direction. According to a Rasmussen reports telephone survey, 36% believe the US is heading in the right direction.

while this may seem low, it is a huge improvement from previous numbers (it was in the mid 20s when Bush left office earlier this year).

This has been the highest rating in over four years, and has been steadily increasing during the past few months.

Since the economy follows a psychological idea called the self-fulfilling prophecy (in which a prophecy is fulfilled because one behaves in a manner that is conducive to the eventual result), this new wave of optimism is sure to bolster this economy.

Economically scared people do not stimulate the economy, rather, confident and optimistic people make the economy run.

These new polling numbers suggest a turn in the tide, and a brighter future in our horizon.

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