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Obama And Hillary Are Most Admired By Those Surveyed


From Gallup

  • A remarkable 32% of Americans choose Barack Obama as the man they most admire living anywhere in the world today, putting him in the No. 1 position on Gallup's annual Most Admired Man list
  • Hillary Clinton earns the top spot for Most Admired Woman, named by 20%
  • Sarah Palin makes a strong showing in second place for Most Admired Woman, garnering 11% of all mentions

As this political season winds down, the aftermath of political campaigning have left some to name president-elect Barack Obama as the most admired man living in the world today (Hillary Clinton came in first for females). Not surprisingly, Obama garnered 32% and Clinton receied 20%.

What was surprising, though, is that George w. Bush (for males) was second in voting at 5% and Sarah Palin (for females) was also second in voting at 11%. This author fully understands why Palin was second, but George W. Bush? The same Bush who had, at times, the lowest presidential ratings in U.S. history? The same Bush who overlooked the Katrina incident, sent our troops into an un-ending war, etc.? Wow. Who are these people who voted him second, while others like Pope Benedict XVI, Nelson Mandela, and the Dalai Lama were ranked lower?

On a lighter note, and not surprisingly, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were the most admired. Both had historic campaigns and surely have impacted and inspired many lives.


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