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Obama And His Current Ratings


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Tags: Obama

From Gallup (conducted: 3/27-29/09)

  • 56% approve of the President's handling of the economy
  • 61% approve of President Obama's actions regarding foreign affairs
  • 49% approve of the President's handling of the federal budget deficit

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

As the President goes on his first major presidential international road trip, Gallup has released some polling numbers regarding Obama and the economy, foreign affairs, and the federal budget deficit.

While President Obama is slightly losing support in the area of the economy and related issues, his polling numbers regarding other issues remain high, including his role in foreign affairs.

Unlike his predecessor, President Obama continues to enjoy support from foreign heads of state and the general world population.

This current trip east of the Atlantic Ocean is sure to solidify support among Europeans and hopefully foster a stronger relationship with our European brethren.

As the economy struggles, this author believes Obama's polling numbers regarding this issue will continue to slide. Likewise, though, it is the hope of this author that as soon as the economy improves, so will the President's polling numbers.

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