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Republican Democrat Split on the Bailout


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Tags: Auto Bailout

From CBS News

  • Americans are split on whether we should approve the bailout of the big three automakers, 45% to 44% approve.
  • 57% of Republicans disapprove of the bailout, 35% approve. With independents, it is 49% approve, 38% disapprove. Democrats approve of the bailout 56% to 33%.
  • 66% of voters say that we should require alternative fuel cars.

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

Independents and Republicans are leading the fight against the auto bailout. As we head over to a presidency of bailouts and tax increases, you will see public opinion side back towards the Republicans in a neverending battle between two parties that have royalls f****d up America.

As Noam Chomsky says, the answer is not within either of the political parties.

When government money is used to subsidize and prop up a failing company, think about all the money that is diverted from positive and useful jobs and products?

Not only is it bad for the country to prop up a failing company, but it is bad for any other companies trying to come up or other successful jobs from staying afloat. The job losses at the automakers are visible. But what about the job losses in other sectors because we have diverted so much money away from them.

Furthermore, think about the impact this will have on the value of our dollar. The more we print, the less the paper in your wallet is worth. And that means you buy less. All because the three automakers wanted to build more cars that nobody is buying anyways. And nobody can buy in this market.

Government ownership of the automakers sounds like socialism to me. But I agree with the last part of this poll, if we are going to subsidize the auto industry, they better damn well have alternative fuel cars. In fact, they better be so damn good that nobody will want to buy Japanese. But then again, I don't have faith in our government to know what kind of car to buy. I guess that's why I am a capitalist.

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