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Solving The Economic Downturn


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Tags: Economy

From Gallup (conducted: 3/5-8/09)

  • 53% of Americans believe the US government can fix the problem
  • 72% of Democrats believe the government has the solution
  • 64% of Republicans believe business has the solution

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

Are Republicans really this dense? In a recent Gallup poll, pollster asked which entity is more likely to solve our current economic problems. Not surprisingly, Republicans felt businesses is the source of the answer, while Democrats felt it is the government.

After 8 years of lax government oversight in business affairs, the result of which is our current economic woes, Republicans still hold the idea that the market will fix itself.

Greed and corruption brought down the financial markets, and in this author's opinion, an outside influence is the only way the market will get back on track.

There is no need to fear the big bad government.

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