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Teachers' Unions Focus More On Its' Members Than Its' Educational Goals


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Tags: Education

From Rasmussen Reports

  • 66% say the teachers' unions are more interested in protecting their members' jobs than in the quality of education.
  • While 78% of Republicans and 66% of unaffiliated voters say teachers' jobs are the chief focus of the unions, only 55% of Democrats agree.
  • Over half of voters (55%) believe teachers are paid too little, while eight percent (8%) think they receive too much.

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

According to a recent poll by Rasmussen Reports, voters believe that teacher unions are only in it for the money. But, is this really the case? Unions are present to protect its members, and according to this author, education in this country is suffering because we do not support our teachers more. US education has been falling behind other industrialized countries mainly because our teachers are not being compensated enough for their work.

Teachers need to be enticed and need to be recruited from a more talented pool of applicants. Teacher salaries these days are average to low, so who in their right mind would want to become a teacher. We need to increase the salaries of teachers to entice others so we can have an overall higher quality of education. Perhaps more talented individuals would be encourage to apply and become teachers.

In the end, teachers are one of the most underrated professionals in our economy and society. Yet, they are the most valuable in teaching our youth and passing down our knowledge to future generations.

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