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Top 3 National Security Topics Americans Fear Most


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Tags: National Security

From Gallup (conducted: 4/1-2/09)

  • 88% are very concerned or moderately concerned with international terrorism
  • 83% are very concerned or moderately concerned with Iran's nuclear capabilities
  • 80% are very concerned or moderately concerned with North Korea's nuclear capabilities

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

Gallup recently released a poll regarding key national security topics and the polling organization found that international terrorism, Iran's nuclear capabilities, and North Korea's nuclear capabilities rank highest among other security threats.

This poll shows the fear of most Americans about nuclear weapons and the ongoing threat of international terrorism.

We will never live in a world where everyone will agree on any one topic, but we can live in a world where there is compromise. America must take the lead and offer diplomacy as the primary answer to conflict (as opposed to the prior administration's stance of war first).

Different cultures will always clash, but communication between the two and the understanding of the other culture will ultimately bring the wall down that separates all of us.

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