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US Advances Limited By George Bush Years


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Tags: Bush, Presidential Ratings

From Gallup Polls

  • Americans are more positive than negative about the fight against AIDS, with 38% saying the country has made progress over the last eight years and 19% saying it has lost ground, resulting in a net 19-point positive score for that issue
  • The public also generally perceives that race relations have improved on Bush's watch -- 40% say the country has gained ground in this area versus 25% who say it has lost ground
  • More than 80% of those survey say that the US lost ground in the area of the economy

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

As we say goodbye to the current presidential administration, let us look back at what has transpired over the last eight years. In a recent poll conducted by Gallup, Americans rated the advances and setbacks in 14 categories, and the results are not surprising.

Of the 14 separate categories, only 4 areas were in the positive: the efforts to fight AIDS, race relations, national defense, and the fight against terrorism. Not surprisingly, all the others were in the negative. We have had a president who sought out his self interests and did not place the needs of the country as his priority.

Our form of government is structured to change and be kept in check if one side or ideology becomes too powerful, and thankfully, we will have such a change. This country has slanted way to the right for so long now, and it is now time to slant to the other way. Perhaps we will regain our swagger one day and once again become the beacon of light to the world.

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