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US Drivers Keep Old Driving Habits Despite Lower Gas Prices


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Tags: Economy

From Gallup

  • Nearly two in three Americans (64%) report adjusting their driving habits in significant ways in response to surging gas prices earlier this year, but only 12% have reverted to their old habits as prices at the pump have plunged
  • 52% of Americans say they have not gone back to their old driving habits
  • 61% of Americans aged 18 to 34 and 62% of Americans aged 55 and older say they changed their driving habits in significant ways; however, Americans aged 35 to 54 are slightly more likely, at 67%, to say they have changed their driving habits

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

When gas costed more than a gallon of milk, and approaching the hourly minimum wage, Americans started to cut back on driving, thereby altering their driving behavior. But, as gas prices plummetted this fall (no pun intended), Americans, yet, kept their old driving behavior of saving gasoline.

This is perhaps one of the silver linings of our recent economic downturn. No longer are we wasting resources, instead we are learning to conserve. In this case, we are all saving fossil fuels and saving our planet from breakdown. The reduction of the amount of pollution generated from running motor vehicles will be significant, and will surely lower our carbon footprint. This thinning down of our lifestyle can only lead to good, and it is this author's hope that one day we do away with gasoline cars and move into the future with more energy-efficient modes of transportation.

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