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US Economy Most Important Issue Among Americans


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Tags: Economy

From Gallup

  • 55% of Americans believe the US economy is the top problem facing this country.
  • Around March of this year, only 18% of Americans believed the US economy was the top problem.
  • Prior to this year, the highest percentage mentioning the economy was 42%, in 1991.

» Commentary by Kris Lazaro (registered Democrat)

The economy is issue number one to not only Americans but to everyone else in the world. The failing US economy has heralded a new era of saving and cost-cutting: two things that Americans have been neglecting for the past few decades. According to this survey, the economy is the most troubling thing for Americans (and undoubtedly so). But, is this a good thing for us?

We have been a nation of excesses for the last few decades, and this author is wondering if this is just karma coming back to this country. We now must save in order to survive, as jobs and resources continue to deplete. If we are to survive these next few months, or years, we all must take an active part in conservation (in more ways than one). For example, we all need to save energy in all its forms: take public transportation to work or ride a bike; don't leave appliances on if they don't need to be left on, etc. Additionally, we all must make sacrifices to change our daily behavior.

This poll has shown that Americans recognize the problem. What this poll doesn't show is how we can fix this problem. This author believes the best way to ride this economic turndown is simply to live a life without excesses. Cut down unneccessary expenditures whilst saving our natural resources. If we all try to make a difference, perhaps one day we can finally get out of this mess.

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